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Progress based on Tradition
The SCHERDEL Group has been a leading
Company for more than 100 years in the manu-
facture of engineering springs and the mainte-
nance of the necessary expertise. The first Diesel
engines were equipped with SCHERDEL springs.
Since then, as a leading spring supplier,
SCHERDEL has been on the move. Successes of
motor-bikes and racing cars in international com-
petitions can be seen as successes for
SCHERDEL valve springs. Creativity and striving
for innovation are key-words of this European
Group of Companies, which, however, operates
on a world-wide basis and is still managed by
the family of its founder Sigmund Scherdel. New
technologies are employed to enable growth
now a significant part of our production. Part of
our technical service is the design and calculation
of springs for individual applications, taking
account of functional tolerances. The SCHERDEL
"Federfibel" or Spring Handbook contains every-
thing worth knowing about design, testing materi-
als and surface treatment of springs. Our
research and development experience is also
used in machinery construction within the Group.
and rationalisation.
"Progress based on tradition" is the motto of the
SCHERDEL Group who always wants to have a
predominant technological position on the market.
Customers benefit from the long experience of our
project teams consisting of design and application
engineers for all aspects of spring technology and
manufacture. Our products, which are produced
at optimum cost and quality levels, are reliable
For research in application technology
SCHERDEL built up its own R+D Department.
In scientific research projects this specialist
Division closely cooperates with Engineering
Schools and Universities. The day-to-day work of
our Laboratory is the detection of surface defects
in wire with our X-Ray defractometer or scanning
electron microscope.
The SOF process, invented and developed by
SCHERDEL for stress-optimised springs, is
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