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On-line precision in toolmaking
SCHERDEL’s stamping and bending technology is
all planned and produced under the same roof.
Modern on-line CAD equipment is used in our
design department. The corresponding data are
made available to production planning and then
using these data, production machines are man-
aged accordingly. In this way the required preci-
sion of design can be guaranteed from design to
toolmaking and also right through to the manufac-
ture of the individual parts. Tools for stampings
and shaped components, follow-on tools and also
transfer tools, together with gauges and tensioning
equipment are always ready for use just in time.
Customers’ orders can thus always be dealt with
according to agreed delivery dates.
Cost optimisation and quality down
to the smallest detail
In our stamping and bending division, our
employees understand the progress thoroughly;
and also its importance to the SCHERDEL Group.
The word ‘quality’ is written large, down to the
smallest detail.
From design to toolmaking right up to manufac-
ture, all under the same roof, the most difficult
demands of our customers and their detailed
wishes are fulfilled. Besides the use of the latest
technologies, the experience and know-how of our
project teams of designers and application engi-
neers are of crucial importance. Cost optimisation
for customers is always the central point of all
our thoughts.
Precision from A-Z, whether for the automotive or
supply industry or household electronics or sport
and leisure equipment; or for furniture and fittings;
stampings and shaped components from
SCHERDEL are always reliable and stand out
through the great variety of their possible applica-
Stampings and shaped com