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amm und Anwendungsgebiete
and applications
Die TOGO SCHERDEL Federbandschellen
eignen sich aufgrund ihrer Konstruktions-
vorteile besonders für Schlauch- und Stut-
zenverbindungen in folgenden Bereichen:
• Kühlsysteme / Kühlkreislauf
• Kraftstoffsysteme
• Ladeluftsysteme
• Luftansaugsysteme
• Servosysteme
Application ranges
Thanks to their design advantages, the
TOGO SCHERDEL hose clamps are particu-
larly well-suited for hose and spigot connec-
tions in the following areas:
• Cooling systems / coolant circuits
• Fuel systems
• Charge-air systems
• Air induction systems
• Servo systems
Product range
TOGO SCHERDEL produces hose clamps
in all current diameters or widths and offers
individual solutions to various customer re-
The product range comprises:
• standard hose clamps
• space-saving hose clamps
• pre-opened hose clamps
• double hose clamps
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